This is beauty…

It’s 4 Non-Blondes with no clouds

in the sky

Next to Unfair by Tech N9ne

with the refrigerator door left open.

I’m on a lyrical journey

and I realize

she’s just A SHADOW on the path.

And I realize

she’s just a shadow ON MY PATH with the

refrigerator door left wide open.

and the peace shows itself….

The LEssONs learned brought me to that BEAUTY

I found my MUSE for LIFE

there are no rules….

-Me 2-8-2020


Published by The Bee Keeper

I am currently on some type of spiritual journey to find and heal myself, in order to operate at my highest and start living my dreams. I am writing this blog through my perspective my own life and mental health. I hope to influence in a way, that someone can relate and hopefully take off some of the emotional burdens we all face.

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