Why the Beekeeper???

Meditation Day #1

I want to set the expectation that I have been previously meditating, but I wasn’t holding myself accountable. I have news for myself because I’m sure we’ll go through this again. I hope not, but we will see. I do (2) different meditations, if not more a day. It depends how I’m coping with my crazy. I like meditation tracking. Probably not for the right reasons. Mostly, so my Apple Watch doesn’t tell me to breathe every time I have anxiety. i.e. a different episode every minute. Currently, I’m taking a 14 day course for a duration of 10 minutes each day via Headspace. Right now, this could be at any time of the day, depending when I got my lazy high ass to find motivation. My intention is to start my day like this. Even if that means I set different times throughout my day for each. (I hand write everything before typing and all I can do is smile how I started writing this post and where it goes) The particular meditation I have been advised to do for 21 days straight is meant to raise my vibration to my highest self (so to speak) and adjusting to the change the universe is telling us is occurring, as we speak. That’s right, it started with the Mercury Retrograde started all of this. I first noticed the shift starting the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

Today, I chose to do this meditation outside in the sun. I was already warmed up from my previous 10 minute meditation. It didn’t take long for me to already be grounded and connected with my own energy. However, even though my mind was ready my physical self was not. you see with practice of mindfulness you become more connected with your own breathing, thoughts and sounds. You are able to re-direct your mind if becoming off track. You see I don’t call myself the Beekeeper just because I needed a name, or a title for these words I present to you. It all started back when I was 10 or 11. I’m not about to recite a scene from My Girl, but I have my own story…

We lived in the panhandle of Idaho on forty acres. The forty acres consisted of hay fields; the woods that held the tree house we all built together; a man-made pond; a garden the size of an acre; Ramses the Ram and the dreadful orchard/ front yard bigger than your standard basketball court. I mean that’s how I’ve chose to remember the size. I mean I was the size of Piglet, at this age. Everything was huge compared to me. Not much has changed, in the present day. Between the sounds of the peacock and the thoughts of whether or not I would see the elephant near our hay field; most would think I just described a scene from the movie Big Fish (of course I would reference Burton, at some point) or a circus. In fact, again, my 10-11 year old imagination and memory is telling you this wordy and lengthy meditation journal entry of a story. Apparently, meditation does this to me. (shrugs my shoulders) If gives you the reader, the image, right? I will get to the actual entry. In the meantime, the distraction from my higher self.

Yes, we had a forest on our property. yes, I had to help buck hay. Yes, fuck that acre sized garden and having chores. The neighbor rescued animals from the circus and had an animal sanctuary next to our property. While doing chores I sometimes got to see an elephant next to me, in mother fucking Idaho, at the age of 10 or 11, wtf!? I’m sure one of you will vouch for me on social media, so I don’t sound so crazy that this really happened. :D, please? Then again maybe you told me this as easy as you never let us believe in Santa for the Easter Bunny for too long. The hunts for the play dough were much better memories. However, I resent you for making me hoe an acre for potatoes and oh yeah the assignment of picking up the apples, in the orchard/front yard. (Not really, it just brings the dramatic effect, sir 🙂 )

This whole entry is typical of my thought process about every thing and any thing. You ask why I can’t let go, my writing is an example. I can’t ride the wave because of the infinite number of words and thoughts flooding through me. ALWAYS!Focusing. So yeah I had to pick up the fallen apples from the trees, as a chore. I got stung by a bunch of bees. End of Story….. why the Beekeeper. Wouldn’t that suck!? It is kind of like having the ending of a book or movie spoiled for you. Better yet, it’s equivalent to scrolling through Facebook and you don’t sit and watch TV when it is actually on and you scroll further and just see who was voted off. You got a cliff note and there is no longer the need to watch any longer.

So I was 10 or 11 and one of my chores was to pick up the fallen apples from the trees in the orchard/front yard. You will come to know (1) I get hurt, in the most absolutely ridiculously stupid ways (There could be a whole segment dedicated to me on Ridiculousness) (2) This particular property was responsible for a vast majority of these occurrences. This being one of them. I can not answer the why’s or the what’s. Think My Girl, I took my next step. Stepping into a nest of the bees just getting the sugar to pollinate the acre sized garden sitting 20 yards away. I believe I was stung 13 times, in places I never thought. The bees immediately went up my shirt and they were trapped. I screamed so naturally I was stung, in the mouth. I don’t remember too much, afterwards. I went back to the house and BAKING SODA.

Now, if a bee stings me I no longer feel it. I don’t have that pain. Even more recently, bees now land on me and hang out. Similar to what you may know as a nuisance of a fly landing on you. So as I am out enjoying the Vitamin D and trying to work out feeling I was having and holding myself account, remember? I am trying to write better for you. A bee lands on my hand, as I take my third breath. I knew it was a bee, as soon as it landed. I wish I had to ask why and when. I already knew. I rewind my meditation and begin again. I get further this time. My energies are flowing throughout and I am focused. The bee once again lands. This time, on the lens of my RayBan’s. There is no sense in trying to shoo away the one thing trying to get my attention. It lands near my third eye, whilst my attempt to be better. Enter the guidance. Enter the Beekeeper.

As a Cancer, I’m a bit dramatic 😀 I just survived the Mercury retrograde only to wake up to a world under-prepared for the shift in the Universe. The retrograde, the moon and Friday the 13th forewarned you. I chose to pay attention. My only loneliness during the social isolation is not only am I a Cancer to a “T,” 😀 but I am also an empath. My intuition is heightened more than most. I am missing “feeling” people. Words can be misinterpreted. Enter the Beekeeper.

Any of you experiencing more than normal nagging headaches? Not referring to the COVID-19 symptom. They will subside once the universe has completed shifting. Take care of yourselves. We need to remember our blessings.

At the end of my meditation everything became a light blue. The color of the Colorado sky underneath the beautiful sun.

Light Blue-Throat Chakra Mantra

“I am aligned with my highest truth. I communicate this with love and honor. My words echo softly within the universe.” Sound familiar?

This was my first experience on Day 1 of this meditation. I have linked the meditation below, if you are interested. What was intended to be a journal entry about meditation turned into another therapy session. It turned into another lesson. It turned into another sign.

https://youtu.be/XTAJBZv-rCA My meditation challenge for 21 Days


Published by The Bee Keeper

I am currently on some type of spiritual journey to find and heal myself, in order to operate at my highest and start living my dreams. I am writing this blog through my perspective my own life and mental health. I hope to influence in a way, that someone can relate and hopefully take off some of the emotional burdens we all face.

6 thoughts on “Why the Beekeeper???

  1. I like this. It’s like a glimpse into your mind. Like you’re writing things as you think them. If I did that my blogs would probably be unreadable! But yours is not. It’s intriguing. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate you! 🙏 Perception is everything. What is intriguing is my writing is unreadable to me and my thoughts chaos and your perception is they are clear. I love this! Thank you for taking the time. Stay safe!💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I tried to look at your profile picture (I’m nosey like that!) and it said you had deleted the site! Obviously you haven’t so no worries as long as I can still read your posts that’s ok.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will look into for sure. I apologize. No need to feel like you’re being nosey. I will tell you depending on how I am accessing WordPress I do have issues with the app doing the same thing. I would also suggest possibly checking on a desktop or a tablet you can view the desktop version. I will look on my end, as well. I appreciate you! 🙏


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