Journey to Enlightenment Day #1

Module 1:

I am not saying I know myself, at all. I am asking for assistance, HELP, guidance, in the process, whatever and however that may be. Thank you, for showing me the light, on this journey.

Exercise #1 5.19.2020

5= Bliss

1= Awful

Life Aspect Worksheet-Relationships

Love Life Rating: 3

How do you feel about the romantic relationships in your life? 3

Are they passionate and exciting? 2

Do you feel that you and your partner(s) really connect? 4

Do your relationships last for a considerable amount of time? 3

Are your relationships balanced and loving? 3

Personal Relationships (Family and Friends) Rating: 1.6

Are you supportive and involved in these relationships? 2

Do you have close ties with your family? 1

Do you make it a point to spend time with family and friends on a regular basis? 1

Do you feel you get the support you need from this “inner circle” of yours? 2

Do you have people you trust enough to confide in? 2

Professional Relationships (Colleagues and Bosses)Rating: .8

Do you feel appreciated and valued in your workplace? 2

Do you have professional relationships that you value and trust? 1

Do you have a mentor at work? 1


Life Aspect Worksheet-Career

Rating: 1.38

Are you happy in the industry you work in? 3

Do you feel challenged and fulfilled with the kind of work you do? 1

Does this career path play to your strengths? 3

Does your career offer room for growth or advancement? 1

Do you feel your talents are being used to their fullest extent? 1

Do you enjoy going to work everyday? 1

Is your job within a reasonable distance to your home? 1

Is this the career you dreamed about when you were young? 1

Did you purposely choose this career? 3

Are you as happy with your job as you were when you started? 1

Do you feel your boss and co-workers appreciate the job you do? 1

Do you feel that you’re a valued member of the team? 1

If you could do any job in the world, would this be it? 1

Total/13= Rating: 18

Life Aspect Worksheet-Finances

Rating: 2.28

Do your finances allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle? 2

Do you feel you make enough money to meet your needs? 1

Do you stress about money on a regular basis? 2

Do you ever argue over money with loved ones? 1

Do you pay your bills on time? 1

Are you able to save money every month? 1

Do you take an active role in budgeting and managing your finances? 1

Do you understand the various investment tools and programs available to you? 2

Do you ever read books about money, investing or financial well-being? 1

Do you often wish you made more money than you do? 4

Do you have dreams that would require you to make more money? 5

Is money ever an obstacle to you getting what you want in life? 5

Is your cash kept neat and flat in your purse or wallet? 5

Do you always know how much money you have at any given time? 1

Total/14=Rating: 32

Life Aspect Worksheet-Spirituality

Rating: 3.14

Do you feel content with your belief system? 3

Do you feel connected to a Higher Power? 2

Does your belief system allow you to explore new ideas and concepts? 5

Do you regularly practice your spirituality or religion? 4

Do you feel that your belief system is accepted by your family and friends? 1

Do you feel firm in your belief system, without unanswered questions or doubts? 2

Does your belief system sync with your personal values and practices? 5

Total/7=Rating: 22

Life Aspect Worksheet-Personal Growth and Development

Rating: 2.46

Do you feel that you’ve grown and matured over the last five to ten years? 1

Do you regularly participate in personal development exercises? 4

Do you regularly explore new beliefs and ideas? 4

Are you open to incorporating those new ideas into your own belief system? 5

Do you have a support circle that you can discuss your thoughts and ideas with? 1

Are you excited about what the future holds? 2

Do you feel you’ve learned valuable lessons from past experiences? 3

Do you live consciously and with purpose? 1

Do your daily activities mesh with your personal goals? 3

Do you journal on a regular basis? 3

Do you meditate on a regular basis? 3

Do you like who you’ve become so far? 1

Do you have a clear picture and plan for the future? 1
Total/13=Rating: 32

Published by The Bee Keeper

I am currently on some type of spiritual journey to find and heal myself, in order to operate at my highest and start living my dreams. I am writing this blog through my perspective my own life and mental health. I hope to influence in a way, that someone can relate and hopefully take off some of the emotional burdens we all face.

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