Are You Reading My Story?

My Tarot Journal:

Started on 5.9.2020

Day #1, I started reading “Easy Tarot Handbook” by Josephine Ellershaw. Started to learn how to shuffle the deck. I also placed a quartz crystal on the deck while I’m reading the book because I have only seen a few of the cards and with little detail as they feel during shuffle. 

I have been advised to wrap the deck up in a handkerchief, as well as with the quartz crystal to protect the Tarot and its energies. It is meant to lay underneath the pillow the first night and maybe an additional night to align with my own energies.

I will be interested to see if this my “automatic writing,” that my grandmother, my angel once shared with me. Thank you, grandma.

How this will work is I will select each Tarot card and hold it in my hand while reading the meaning outloud to retain more information. I will notate the meaning of each card as it’s presented to me. I’m doing this, not as recommended, but how I feel it is meant to be done for me.  I will also provide the meaning here, as to retain the information further for myself.

I personally feel I may already be more advanced when begging Tarot because I have already been researching the other sciences through my own awakening to find my life’s purpose. I am also aware of  my own “magic,” I, however, up until this point have yet to discover what it is.

Lastly, while reading this book I am listening to some binaural beats to raise my vibration, as from added guidance from spirit. Thank you spirit for your guidance. When I start reading each card’s meaning I will switch to a different frequency for intelligence and frequency. 


Card                     Card Meaning: with bullet points, Personal Experiences: Document anything that you are personally reminded of when reading the meaning. Other Experiences: List others experiences if coming during learning each card. Also document dreams during this time.Record intuition moments from dreams and while awake and through meditation.Then analyze the information and learn from the information.

Minor Arcana

Wands = Red = Fire

Cups = Gold = Water

(Water is colorless and therefore reflects the container)

Swords = Blue = Air

Pentacles = Green = Earth

  • All Aces represent new beginnings

Wands: Represent the element of fire. It is the spark of creativity that inspires us to take action. They stand for self expression through enterprise. They frequently refer to work and business. Fires is an active, male energy.


Published by The Bee Keeper

I am currently on some type of spiritual journey to find and heal myself, in order to operate at my highest and start living my dreams. I am writing this blog through my perspective my own life and mental health. I hope to influence in a way, that someone can relate and hopefully take off some of the emotional burdens we all face.

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