Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands


  • Eight wands fly through the air, indicating speed,  over a fertile and lush countryside
  • If you have had setbacks or delays, the Eight of Wands will be welcomed because it brings swift-moving energy
  • A sudden burst of activity and excitement, following the arrival of good news
  • It represents travel, often by air

Personal Experience: Just because you see 8 wands now, doesn’t mean you can’t see the 10 sheep and that you are working towards improvement and you have already accomplished so much, in such a short amount of time.

Other Experience: Focus on what you do have and you will be drawn to the light

Published by TheBeeKeeper

I’m currently on some type of spiritual journey to find and heal myself, in order to operate at my highest and start living my dreams. I am writing this blog through my perspective my own life and mental health. I hope to influence in a way, that someone can relate and hopefully take off some of the emotional burdens we all face.

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