A Beautiful Calm

The lotus brings the opportunity to grow

A beautiful calm, tames the chaos. It did so, from an unattainable pattern. The pattern I once saw as the bane of an existence and remained suffering in.

For this reason, the game has changed. The reflection rippled, and the perspective changed. The mirror does not change. You do. It is a fact, not something to determine whether real or not.

Though, this was originally written in July 2020. It was not really meant to be read, until now. I already knew then. Just not what, I actually knew. Because, it would not be a lesson, if you do not learn from it, later.

However, it does not take away from the feelings or emotions, of the past. But a change in perspective, is sometimes needed. Similar to the Death card or Tower card, in tarot. With all change comes transformation, a rebirth. The chance, you always wished you had to try again.

The time is now, you have an opportunity. An opportunity, to never look at change, in a negative light again. In fact, it is the answer you spend lying awake each night contemplating and wondering why you are unable to find it. We make life so incredibly difficult, by choosing to be ignorant. Just make the choice. Make the choice you did not, the first time. You may find your beautiful calm., in the process.

The wave

Find your wave, and she will be right there staring you, in the face. You will just see her differently. A storm, that is no longer chaos and a pattern transformed to fit the in the puzzle. You no longer have to search for. The storm becomes temporary, as it is meant to be.

Find this within yourself, it is the only answer. Take the time, to see this in someone else. If you make this choice, it becomes you. As a result, your piece to the puzzle becomes your vibration. The one thing, the ignites your soul. It becomes your purpose.

A Beautiful Calm

There is a beautiful calm to her
She radiates the sunlight comparable to the reflection of her favorite flower
A scary and intense beautiful calm
this girl is
My heart never able to steady just because of her smile
This girl is dangerous
but she is such a beautiful calm
She is beautiful
She is thoughtful
She is her
And she is my beautiful calm

A Beautiful Calm

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