A Definition of Woman

It's all about perception
It’s all about perception

A definition of woman. Woman, is a powerful word. More powerful than we give it credit for. The word woman, is still a derivative from man. It is a sign of respect. It has value. I wrote this during the month the entire world went into quarantine. I see it as so telling now. Just like I procrastinated and delayed finding happiness throughout life, why would I not realize I was awakened only months after this all started. Sometimes, I just really want to kick my own ass. But then I take a deep breath and remember it was not my time.

What does that even mean, it was not my time? Does it come from a perception of divine timing for you? Or does it have another meaning? Plain and simple, I will call myself out. It was not my time. However, it is becoming my time. I am taking the necessary steps to see all of this crazy ass shit started, through.

It is not just for me. Remember, my wish is for you to smile. It is for you to have a moment of recognition where I am able to see the spark light up your eyes. It is the moment I am able to see you once again find a passion for something. With that passion comes the sight of beauty. Love, then following beauty. It is the exact way I see you. It is the exact way I see the world. With so much beauty, love and compassion. My heart goes out to you. However, fuck do I appreciate you.

WA definition of woman

You put out strength
And collapse under the tears
The one that puts a smile on
When all she feels is darkness
That same smile infecting
The population like a virus
She surrounds herself with laughter
To disguise her every day pain
Despite her idea of worth
She rises out of bed each day

That one who has strength when
All she has is tears
The girl that smiles
In times of darkness
She is infecting the world with happiness
Her laughter echoing through your ears
Bringing peace to us all

She is best type of girl
Because with all her imperfections
Her beauty still shines bright
With all her struggles
She takes care of you

and then you realize that that you were just looking into a mirror

And that woman is you

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