A Poem About Addiction

A wave can describe an emotion
A wave can describe an emotion perfectly Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

A Poem About Addiction

The yearn
The ache
The restlessness
The heart racing, at such a pace, why hasn’t it
The physical sickness
Everything wrong
You don’t crave something physical
You still feel you will no longer breathe without consuming it
It doesn’t have to be negative, but always is seen through some else’s eyes

I am reading most of these post almost a year and a half later from when I originally wrote them. I haven’t looked back since. A path of growth, I now realize I was strictly pushing forward, on faith alone.

Always me with emotion. I would not be me without emotion, itself. But to describe emotion, as an addiction is intense. Even for my Cancerian and Scorpian ass. As I read it, I change my perspective. I change my view. It is the future from this moment. At this moment, this is how I was being real and becoming syncopated, in my own rhythm. Without this, I would not be who I am now and able to see a different reflection, in the same mirror.

A poem about addiction…My intense then is my peace now. The addiction is still there. It is just to the peace, I have worked my ass off brining to myself. Just as life changes every day, so does our emotions associated with life. It is a choice to learn the lesson and to see it for what it is, instead of how you want it to be.

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