It’s About the Frequency Because the Vibration Can Be Altered

To sit in the negative, to feel in the negative and to live in the negative, is to attract the negative. Every day is a new day. Each day is a choice. Every day is a vibration and your soul a frequency.

As much as it is science that guides our daily lives, with the patterns of the sun rising and setting, the moon rising and setting is also a pattern. A daily pattern governing our life path, in a place we are currently existing. A day of the earth’s rotation being different from yesterday and will present differently, tomorrow. A perception changing with a path or a pattern.

Every day before our eyes close, we have an opportunity to look within and decide which lessons from the day we are going to take with us into our sleep. A focus on the negative or positive from the day, determines the relationship between good and bad. It is neither or nor. For every event that occurs during your “day,” it is meant to align from a teaching from the day. A lesson.

“You create your lesson plan for the day by the way you choose to react.”

It is not that we are happy or sad; or angry or content. It is the why does this make you happy, sad, angry or content. It is the processing of the lesson, that determines your growth on a daily basis. You will not always make the “right,” choice. Your goal is to choose the choice that aligns with your vibration, so that you still learn the lesson, as intended. A shift in perception, but only on a daily basis. The smaller step to the bigger picture.

Life, is the scientific method. Every thought and emotion, a part of the hypothesis of our life’s vibration. That vibration, being our truth. Our truth, at this exact moment of our journey, to find our facts. Without science, we would not learn. Without making different choices, we can not grow.

We can not see that the grass is greener than yesterday, if we do not go outside to look at the grass today. Otherwise, it would be only an assumption, a hypothetical analysis, of an event that never occurred. It never occurred because we only assumed what was real instead of seeing it for ourselves and stepping outside the box to see a different perspective.

Every human experiences loss. You are not unique because your heart has been broken. Insecurities cloud our minds, as quickly as, a shower washes away the grim from the previous day. A mistake happening, as frequently as we take a breath. It is how you choose to determine your choices and truths, right now. We are not unique to the lessons we go through. We are, however, unique in how we handle our daily lessons.

Each and every one of us has our own journey. The sooner you realize it not your responsibility to alter someone else’s journey, the better off you will be. Someone will either vibrate with you or not. It is important to know this will change every single day. You can vibrate with someone yesterday and today it will be the opposite. It is up to you and you only, if the changes of the vibrations are meant for your frequency. People are meant to come and go, as vibrational beings. Not every one is meant to stay at your frequency.

Just as you pluck a guitar string with the intention of playing a certain note. It is possible to play the same note for it is a part of a song, but it is impossible for the exact same placement of your fingers each time to hit that note, every time you pluck the string. However, that does not stop you from playing the note and trying. It’s an altered perception.

So why would the same not be applicable to life?

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