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Recently, I have been shown why people struggle with being alone. Present situation, aside. This has nothing to do with quarantine, but more witnessing the suffering from those close to me, acquaintances, strangers, and those around the world.

Just like reed, read, read and red, the word lonely with no altered spelling takes on and presents itself with different perceptions based on individuality. Therefore, physically alone shows a distorted image of emotional loneliness, in the reflection seen staring back at you.

You can physically be next to someone and never feel lonelier. Our human body just a shell for the heart, brain, and soul. Physical changes have no altering effect on our conscious or emotional being, in the sense of reality. The physical cannot alter the subconscious, but only a thought can. Only a feeling can. Therefore meditation, hypnosis, energy healing, all of it works. Physical is always temporary but the subconscious takes on being permanent, as a backup for the ego. It does this, so when our conscious mind fails you, you will always have yourself, in the end.

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