An Emotion Can Be Altered, But How It Is Perceived Can Never Be Changed

When I am cut off emotionally, from someone, my heart feels a hurt that can not be described. You can stop loving me and it would have less of an effect than cutting me off emotionally. This is what causes the tears to flow from my eyes, as a different sense of aloneness sets in. My worth becomes challenged and my purpose doubted.

“Heal you. Therefore, your energy can assist those with who need healing inside with their emotions.”

Someone’s emotional separation from an empath is a silent but deadly killer. It is not actions not being backed up. It is not a codependency developed by a need to care. It is not giving me a reason to care. It is no longer what the next reaction may or may not be.

My is love is unconditional. My compassion exceeds a need for emotional stability. I thrive, on the feelings, of looking at someone’s soul through their eyes of outwardly reflection.

Hate can be overturned by love. Selfishness cured by giving. A sadness overlooked by a smile that brings happiness. As an individual emotion, all is balanced. Emotions, as a collective whole can not be replaced. Therefore, one’s emotional well-being is determined by the individual emotions that are only temporary.

“Why not change the whole, by the little steps. Instead of, looking at the staircase, as unreachable?”

These are my messages for whomever needs to hear them and my thoughts, in the present.

Everything takes work because everything takes practice

I Would Like To Know Your Thoughts

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