Another Day…. Another Time

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Another day and another time. There is this lesson and breaking of a cycle, I am struggling with. I have finally grown from a co-dependent aspect of life. This applies to the friendships, situationships, relationships or even acquaintances. Their value of me is irrelevant.

Since recently deciding I was going to be open to trying relationship new reality has come to light, in the dating scene, in your 30’s and above.

I started this blog writing about the Bi-Partisan Civil War we have been living through. Nothing has changed. New race wars have begun, but the government’s focus has changed to creating a war within a pandemic. A different focus, same issue because our country is our example, as a society.

We already deal with so many labels. Why are we now interested in creating more labels for ourselves? Is it not the point to remember our own self-love? Read that again, not fine our self-love, to remember. We are meant to create our own self-identity and be accepting. We are not meant to “love,” someone else’s perception of us, but we put such a high value on such. A perception, that becomes so strong. So strong, that someone else can put a “label,” on what you may be able to identify with about “you.”

For whatever reason, I am scaring away even new potential friendships with my energy and who I am. However, I will not sacrifice me. Especially, for the willingness of someone’s want to be, in my life. My perception, every one of us has our own journey.

“What we see as “damaged,” about us is still only a perception.” There is always another day and another time.


A perception can be altered and there is always room for growth. Another day and another time.

The damaged and most vulnerable are who I feel I am attracting with my magnet of energy, at the moment. I always have. “Who I am,” is now scaring them way even, as friends. I do not want to fix you. Your worth is important for you to see. I want to help you alter your perception of yourself. So hopefully, you too can grow and heal. I have spent lifetime living this same perception.

Stop running..

advice for my own ego and to you.

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