Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands Meaning: A man holding a wand defends his position against six others. The open door-way he appears to depend may represent his home-therefore, he is defending his own ideals. His expression is one of great concentration, although he does not appear perturbed. Sevens show the completion of a cycle and can bringContinue reading “Seven of Wands”

Six of Wands

Six of Wands Meaning: Among waving banners and cheering crowds, a well-dressed man, rides his horse proudly and upright. His horse exuding the same energy. The wand has a laurel wreath, representing success. The number 6 represents harmony and balance Signifies that your efforts and achievements will be recognized by others. TRUST Often, represents aContinue reading “Six of Wands”

Four of Wands

Four of Wands Meaning: Four Wands-planted in the ground, representing stability of the number 4 Garlands of flowers attached, representing triumph and celebrations A man now facing us; attention directed towards his family while showing happiness Rabbits eating and silent in a serene atmosphere We now see stability, as a result of hard work FeelingsContinue reading “Four of Wands”

Three of Wands

Three of Wands Meaning: The same man, but his attire has become nicer and his hair longer, indicating a passage of time. He is also standing more confident. The Two of Wands are positioned behind the man, showing the work has been completed. The third wand he is no holding while looking out to sea.Continue reading “Three of Wands”

Two of Wands

Two of Wands  Meaning: We see a young man facing two wands that are now firmly placed in the ground. This brings the meaning the project is now more established. He looks between the wands, into the horizon, contemplating his future plans. The vegetation is healthy, lush, and vibrant bringing optimism. The two deer lookContinue reading “Two of Wands”


Here we are now entering the 6th stage of Jumanji, otherwise known as June 2020. June marks an entire month of LGBTQ+ PRIDE month, prior to Covid-19, the murder hornets, a need to remind society that Black Lives Matter and Hallmark’s version of PRIDE through Corporate America pretending they even understand, other than a rainbowContinue reading “PRIDE”

And Then It Happened…But Far From Done

The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.The Law of Attraction: The belief that positive or negative thought brings positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.The Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction are one in the same.Your beliefs, are irrelevant to reality because they are just thoughts. Religious orContinue reading “And Then It Happened…But Far From Done”

Tolle Simplified and How I See It

It has been no secret that I am on a spiritual journey to once again, find a relationship with myself. Through this journey of self-discovery I have been taken on a ride similar to taking a raft down Niagara Falls. I have had amazing days and horrible days, but the important aspect, is I amContinue reading “Tolle Simplified and How I See It”

Ace of Wands

5.9.2020 Ace of Wands Meaning: Ace of wand represents new beginning, but the wand is also the initiator Represents a dynamic and driving energy force Note the fire blazing from the ornate wand, suspended in the sky. A pair of male hands appear to nurture the wand, going towards the flame Represents the beginning ofContinue reading “Ace of Wands”