5.11.20 Journey to Enlightenment Day #1 Module 1: I am not saying I know myself, at all. I am asking for assistance, HELP, guidance, in the process, whatever and however that may be. Thank you, for showing me the light, on this journey. Exercise #1 5.19.2020 5= Bliss 1= Awful Life Aspect Worksheet-Relationships LoveContinue reading “Research”

Life Lessons

“I think I’m the true lover/friend unconditional love teacher for everyone. The belief, in a fairy-tale love, and I show to people their worth. That “Prince Charming,” whomever, that may be to them, is a possibility, and not that of the “fairy-tale,” itself.” Now, it is early morning, the following day and I am outsideContinue reading “Life Lessons”


Recently, I have been shown why people struggle with being alone. Present situation, aside. This has nothing to do with quarantine, but more witnessing the suffering from those close to me, acquaintances, strangers, and those around the world. Just like reed, read, read and red, the word lonely with no altered spelling takes on andContinue reading “Alone”