Bee Kind It’s Simple

Bee kind it's simple
The BeeKeeper

Bee kind it’s simple. There doesn’t have to be a thousand words said, in order to show one act of kindness. Make it automatic. Don’t think just do.

There are others so much more important than you.

Bee kind it’s simple

I did not want write more, on this post. However, in order to be SEO compliant, it is what it is. That’s the exact reason of why I am still following this dream. Ever after years of just continuing on faith and faith alone.

There was always a reason and purpose to this all. It has not changed, the audience who is hearing the message just has. That part is my responsibility. If I do not grow than the audience stays stagnant.

The message is so simple, in this case. That no matter what, just be kind. Kind to yourself, kind to others, kind to the earth, etc. You get the point. It is funny how the universe shows the simplest of messages, but can also cause the most hurt and pain to humans.

Put the energy out into the universe that you would like, in return. Always. That is how you keep the faith That’s how you keep going. It may not come to you, in the ways, as expected, but it still comes back to you.

It is up to you to see what that means for yourself. Nothing more or less. Just bee kind it’s simple. Be kind to yourself, others and all that live and breath and that kindness will be returned.

Apparently, as I am updating this post, you too are receiving a message through me. Take it for what it is.

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