It was all about Tiger King
It was all about Tiger King

Today is about the say somethings

And I’m starting to give up

You’re missing out

And I’ve said too much

The words lack sincerity

Yet you can feel me

Today is about the say somethings

And you have a playlist

Blank space _________ Hmm, there is something to be said about acting with honesty and integrity. I have no idea about his reflection moment. Not even one bit. I mean I wrote this in March 2020, look at where the world was, at the time. It was all about the Tiger King 😀

We were in a place of a Tower moment, as the entire world. No one knew up from down. It just started the “crazy,” that we all have come to know all so well. A pandemic, who would have ever imagined!?

The blank space…

I embraced the crazy. If I would have not made that particular decision, for my life, I would not be this. The woman you may or may not read, but I still put it out here for all to see. That is what honesty and integrity is about. The blank space is where the answers are. The moments of silence and reflection.

I had Covid during this time. However, it was still early and no one fully understood what was happening. I was fortunate to fight it, but I remember wanting to die. I was sick for a month and a half, but this is who came from it. It was the click or the blink of the eye. That split decision that changed me forever. I am so grateful. I am so blessed. Love and appreciate you all.

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