To the Class of ’99 and Us We’ll Call Generation X

I’m sitting here researching the best songs, best movie winners and news stories of every year of my life. Why am I doing this? One, this snow storm we are experiencing has got me angrier than self isolation I have already been going through. Mostly, like many, we are all handling this massive change differently.Continue reading “To the Class of ’99 and Us We’ll Call Generation X”

I need the hype… but life is seeming so simple I haven’t been “dancing,” as much these days. Not feeling the need to force anything because everything seems to be at a stand still. One thing that never changes is the need to relate and meditate with music. Enjoy my favorite song in these “not so simple times.” Comment with your favorite song. OurContinue reading “I need the hype… but life is seeming so simple”

3am, the Lyrics of My Thoughts and the Lightning Crashes

I write about being calm, but I am sleeping less and less every day. I’m starting to fall back into old patterns. I’m starting to lose my motivation. I’ve been patient. More so than I would like to admit. I’ve just been waiting around not even able to help myself further. TYPICAL. I have soContinue reading “3am, the Lyrics of My Thoughts and the Lightning Crashes”

Imagine….Living In Our Chaos

Since I’ve started writing this blog I have mostly talked about my natural disaster of thoughts that lead to my own inner chaos. Now I sitting wondering for those who don’t experience this chaos, as a norm, how you must be doing? Are these the individuals the ones buying in bulk and not realizing theContinue reading “Imagine….Living In Our Chaos”

The M***er F****ng Retrograde for a Cancer

3-12-2020- Apparently, I no longer have a need to sleep. Maybe it’s the Bipolar talking. Maybe, I’m in a manic state. You are the ones trying to guess my diagnosis! It could be the sweet sativa Lavender Jones. I mean I’ve been meditating frequently, as well. So much to assist with me trying to findContinue reading “The M***er F****ng Retrograde for a Cancer”