Contemplating the Lessons of Life

Contemplating the lessons of life. I am sitting here listening to the music flowing into my ears, contemplating the lessons of life by facing darkness. The lessons of 2020, on my mind. There is a lack of acceptance of all of the healing that has occurred, in my heart, mind and soul. I preach that everything in life needs practice and I never follow this path for myself.

I am always questioning and overthinking. The woman I’ve become shaped by the experiences. With all of the sadness and unhappiness I have spent years living in, I have come to realize I have been poisoning, my own mindset with negativity. I have lived in a darkness only I can explain and it is my darkness and mine alone. As your darkness would be yours.

It is in a space of loneliness that I have created within my mind and not through reality of life, that I learn these lessons. Time is fluid. It is never too late to make a choice to begin your own path of self-discovery, as it becomes the true meaning of life.

” You can’t rush your healing.”

-Trevor Hall-

For me, I am now realizing I am spending the time, healing a soul I have spent years neglecting. She is awakened.

Contemplating the lessons of life

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