Do you hear the fire?

Do you hear the fire?

Well, do you hear the fire? It’s all about listening. It’s all about finding the lion within yourself, in order to face the ram.

Hopefully, this resonates. Alone isn’t always about sitting in silence.

Thinking of you.

I met this man around 2017, I think!? We both shared the same job and other odd connections along the way. We have both kept in touch sporadically, throughout this journey. Checking in when both of us, were of right mind.

Do you hear the fire?

Do yourself a favor and go listen to his words. All of his words, check out multiple songs. They, all have truth. They, also have integrity. This too, is what honesty and truth is about. The fight is real. Go show some love and support. If not to him, do it for someone else, in your life. Go be present with someone important to your journey and make sure they know what they mean to you. Please go listen to this lion of a man.

Inspiration, comes from many different places. Its origin, changing on the daily. It could be a person, you’ve only passed on the street. On another day, it may be someone you have known for years. I could continue talking about inspiration, or I can just say the origin, is not what this is about.

The message is you no longer need the answer. All the time we waste, thinking we are everything but our best. We are all lions, if we choose to be. Some of us choose to be a part of a pride and some choose to do it alone.

The answer is ever changing. It is not the same meaning for you, as it is me. I only speak my truths. You just happen to be able to relate.

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