Every Action Has A Reaction

representation of my soul
A representation of the soul

I do not know how I have expected to have a successful blog if I do not write on it.

On your journey, you reach a point where you are done with any negative thoughts, negative people, etc. You have no room or space for what no longer aligns with your own frequency of life. When I decided to write this blog, my full intention was to write whatever was on my mind. It was to expose my internal thoughts and feelings, at every moment. I really thought I was going to be able to self-sustain this type of writing. However we evolve, but just as each of us grow each day, so does our mental health and we grow through our journey.

It no longer matters how I got to this point, as I thought was imperative. If I was to focus on the action instead of the reaction, then it would have me sit in the negativity. I am no longer this person. My soul has evolved with my growth. I am at no longer the person I once was. I do notice with certain people I still go back to that person to act accordingly, but the effect that it has on me internally has changed. My reaction has changed to the action.

Every Action Has A Reaction

This does not mean I do not sit, in the past. There are points, you have to do the work and sit, in the dark, in order to truly heal yourself. The many coping mechanisms to ignore the problems that are no longer of value. I do not need to just survive, I need to grow. We grow every day because every day is just temporary, in a stage of life. It is our own responsibility how we deal with the temporary daily life. This is the reason it is so imperative to live in the now to attract what you truly want for all of the times in life.

This is not me saying you are not allowed to feel the emotion. It is changing your mentality about the emotion. It is not feeling sad and just being sad. The question to yourself becomes why are you sad and not that you are sad. If you are feeling a certain type of way, in the moment, I challenge you to ask yourself why you are feeling this way.

We have experiences and individuals that shape our reaction to life each day. However, those experiences and individuals are not the one responsible for the reactions. They are only the actions. Every action needs a reaction and it is our own responsibility that is the reaction, itself.

These experiences or individuals are not you. They are not your thoughts. Self worth is your own reaction. It is time to accept responsibility for yourself. It is time for me to react to what is presented. I know the truth, my own truth. However, I have been allowing the temporary to control my permanent. Today, I am taking responsibility and reacting in the way that works for who I am now and not who I once was. My soul has evolved and it is time to act like it.

It is time to introduce the new me to the world.

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