Expressing My Mental Health Through Music

music is an emotion
Music is an emotion

Expressing my mental health through music, more often times than not, means I am feeling some type of way. I never share music for the fun of it. There is always a meaning/message behind it. That message may be for you or for myself.

This is the first time that I am sharing my own mixes of songs. The reason I am also sharing my music because just like writing it is expressing my mental health through emotions felt through a song itself. There are times it is only the lyrics, others a simple beat that raised my vibration and changed my though process for a day.

In astrology, one of the traits of a Cancer is their care and love for the home. Whether it is represented through nurturing or a physical space itself. Us Cancer’s like our shell. This song particularly is expressing a feeling that even though I live in my own place I still have not found my home. My calling, so to speak.

That is what being on a spiritual journey is all about.

Expressing my mental health…

Is almost like breathing or sleeping for me. I do not know how to speak without expressing an emotion. My thought processes and the words I chose to place down are too driven by an emotion. More often or not, I use emotional intelligence over logical sense. It may not be the answer for most, but for me I do not know any better.

Please enjoy my creativity or my emotions featured below as I expose them for me and you. I appreciate you all. Make sure to follow the links below for the next blog post or for any other creative content I may be filling for the day.

Expressing my mental health with music

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