I Do Not Have Space

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I do not have space for that; that no longer serves me. If you choose to listen to my compliments and words of encouraging and respect, without returning the same behaviors. I no longer have space for you. If I need to talk and you tell me you are too busy, but you accept it from me always who is just as busy I no longer have space for you. If you are not willing to give whatever the relationship may be the respect it deserves I do not wish to continue any type of relationship with you.

This means, I have tried over and over again with you without receiving in return. This means, I listened to your selfish words tell me to my face that I was not good enough to have a relationship with me. It means that I am dimming my light, in order for you to have happiness and not getting the same, in return.

I Do Not Have the Space

We spend too much of our lifetime being this for others, when it should be us that is receiving. I am taking my light back. My power is being gained back and my words will be said to the right people. I do not feel bad because my life is about me. It is not about you. It is about how I want treated. Not how you want treated. Maybe one day, you too will go through your journey and correct the behaviors that once hurt other people so that you can find your healing and have the relationships you want and deserve. That is all I am doing.

This used to be the hardest aspect of life for me to let people go. I practiced and practiced and no it is the easiest behavior I carry into the NOW. I do not have space.

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