Let It Be. The Tower Moment, I Learned To Accept

As I felt, the months went on and eventually became funny

Here I am writing, once again, in the last few pages of my, “Notebook.” The notebook that started this all. There is roughly two weeks left in 2020 and individually it has been a historic year for each and every one of us. That is one aspect, there is no room for argument. I sit here, high and laughing at the cover of my journal that you see above.

As Covid-19 happened, as my my life changed. As quarantine happened, so did the big events that I experienced, in 2020. I documented those experiences for you each month. It eventually became WTF 2020! My own indication of all of your experiences, throughout the year.

My habits changed with the seasons, as I learned more and more about, “My Secret.”

As the energy changed, in the universe, so did all the Shadow work I was to endure. The mirror image of myself I needed to face and accept.

I began this year telling you that it was just me deciding to act with 100 percent honesty and integrity. It has now evolved. What it is and continues to be, is so much more.

I was hard on myself for taking breaks with writing. However, I never stopped writing. Just because it was not, in this journal, or typed through this blog does not mean I was not writing. I was writing to you on social media, at times.

I never stopped sharing my truths with you. A lesson in self-acceptance. What did change was my methods of expression as I learned from the lessons in my life that I have allowed to drown my soul for way too long.

Let It Be. The Tower Moment…

As of late, my method of expression has been through my music. I have been sharing my love and passion for music. Whether it is a great work playlist to make my homies dance and feel my vibe.

Let It Be, that I mixed from the Across the Universe soundtrack. It took me back to the church, on base, that got me through the mind fuck I was experiencing, at the moment. It soothed a part of my soul. I have shared my version below.

The same soul that you have been witnessed going crazy and fully chaos. It is the same soul writing to you now. My entire spiritual journey, you have witnessed. If you were to go back and read my blog from the beginning to this post, I am writing currently. You would read it, as I intended.

You will then see. If you take a peek, at any of my social media, you would hear my writing, instead of reading it. You have witnessed this journey, through every single song I have shared with you and why I listened to Justin Bieber’s “Forever,” 342 times this year.

There was all my good mornings and sharing of how much I was actually walking. All of this, a method of making a choice to alter my own patterns.

Let It Be. The Tower Moment…

Every word, action, sharing of, my advice were all methods of sharing my journey with you. It was me living, my life, exactly how I have wanted it to be. Manifesting my dreams into action just by intention of the vibe I give to all of you.

I used the Secret, in front of your eyes. I practiced and provided a tool to add to your own tool belt of spiritual “Mmm,” shown to you.

Like the lotus I paid attention and something magical started to happen. My secret start to influence many. Many of you, joining me, in my ocean of spiritual growth.

It has been beautiful to watch so many of you to finally see a glimpse of light within yourselves, for the first time, in so long. Many of you started to blossom out of the muddy waters, as the lotus does.

Your strength is noticed. Your growth and your beauty, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is also noticed. Thank you for riding my wave with me.

It is time. I am ready. It is now my new beginning. It is time to evolve together.


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