broken guitar strings

February 8, 2020

There are some days it just doesn’t stop.

It’s all the Hustle and Flows to make your EMPIRE reality.

Same character different recipe.

Funny how it all ties in.

It’s when all you want to do is make music and the strings on your guitar are broke.

Alanis said it best “Well isn’t it ironic?”

It’s all about the Stairway to Heaven‘s.

It’s all about the Hotel California‘s.

I hear you speaking.

I hear you dropping the bass.

It’s the vibration of your ear drums.

The vibration in your chest.

Is it just breathing?

Let me take you on a musical Journey.

Let me take you on a Magic Carpet Ride.

I hear you singing up there. It is just but a note.

It’s up to you to listen.

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