Like Diamonds In The Sky

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Like diamonds in the sky. I do not know where to even begin, or there is much to say. My posts, across my many different social media platforms have pretty much been speaking for themselves. This is where I am at.

I am in a place, where I am no longer ashamed of who I am. The woman I always have been. I am proud of her and I see her.

I may not do things, conventionally, but never have I. It is not like me to ever stay, in a box. That also means, I can change and place myself in a box, if necessary. However, the box can be clear.

Nothing, is ever solid. There is never a time where light can not be seen. It can never be too dark. Even the compounds, themselves, are in fact, not solid. The reason, because they would not be subject to the alchemy that becomes the solid, if they were. The alchemy being the light, itself.

Like diamonds in the sky

I will continue to see things, differently. That is the beauty of free will. Seeing things differently, makes me unique. You want to be unique and stand out. Rare and obscure the goal. You are a diamond. A jewel, from the earth. We all are. All compounds, of alchemy that make up the light and dark.

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