Missing you PRIDE 2020

Go Go dancers at Charlie's
Go Go dancers at Charlie’s

It is that time of the year again, but this time it is different. As always, it is the first day of summer. Yes, as always, it is also Father’s Day, yet these are not the day(s) that I am referring to.Typically, I would have been up way too early for my liking. I would be hating my life from the previous day and night out at Charlie’s. Of course, I would have pretended I was 20 years old, with nothing phasing me because I did not care. I would be hating myself because regardless, of the previous night’s events, I would have not learned from the nineteen years of doing this, prior. I would still not learn any lessons.

His first PRIDE

I would be drinking a mimosa at 7am, waiting for the parade to start hours later. I would be waiting for someone to throw the fans, condoms and colored beads that would stain your neck every year because of the excessive heat that usually occurs, on this day.  I mean it is the first day of summer and all. Have no fear the rainbow of stain will wash off around 6pm when the park is closing because for whatever reason here comes the massive rainstorm. This happens right before you make the daunting trek up the hill of Colfax when you absolutely have nothing left. Well until you then get to your next destination, the bar. All of the sudden, it is round two and you are drinking and dancing the night away just to wake up the next day, as if you didn’t just have the “Hangover, “ weekend you just did.

Taking a break
Sitting at the capitol
wall for Orlando victims

Now, instead of living it I am here only writing about it. I crack open a Bud Light because it would not be today without one. I am grateful I have this weekend every year, but I am not just realizing how grateful I am to experience this gay Christmas for two days every year. I may not physically be at my 20th PRIDE in 2020, as planned, but I am so thankful for the memories I have experienced. I would not be missing this weekend, as much, if I were in fact there right now because I have not in years past. I would have never realized how impactful this weekend has been on me, up until now.



What PRIDE was like 20 years ago 😀

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