Moments Are Lessons

Moments are lessons that create words that make up a poem written below.

Moments Are Lessons

A long overdue thought never said

Every day putting out there the love

That is only imagined

Where is the silence is stronger?

The outer world’s or our own soul

as it watches from inside

The heart and mind

Thoughts come and go

But the memories with feelings and emotions

Is the true vibration

Light or Dark?

Who determines SEO, an algorithm? Sometimes, I just want to share my words, my feelings and emotions fully, without restriction. I realize I have a choice. This is the norm everywhere you go.

Alas, I have forced to write a minimum of 300 words. I am creating a moment, in my life. A restriction on my mind, once again. A restriction on my thoughts, something always controlling the herd. However, there comes a point where you forget you are the black sheep. As I can look in a mirror and not see my neck tattoo, it is similar when you realize just because your “wool,” is black does not mean you are not normal. The more my wool changes color and I evolve the more I am being noticed.

Moments Are Lessons

As I think and as I of all of my blogs post or what you can see as my “moments,” I am seeing the accept and growth made each time I choose to key a character on the keyboard.

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