No Need To Use Words Today

Apparently, at the time I originally made this blog post I only need music to explain, my words. Now, fast forward, we are in the present and I unfortunately do not know or understand the meaning. Because of this, I will be making a reference with the knowledge I have now and did not know then.

The vibe alone is telling me, I was in a good place mentally and spiritually. I had not yet moved to where I am now. My divorce was just finalized, but apparently I was chillin’.

Another reason, there are no need for words today

Who knows and honestly, there isn’t a need for a reason. A choice that is not easy to make for yourself, but once you do you don’t ever go back. As you shouldn’t, or you would repeat a pattern. You would continuously be stuck in the perpetual cycle that cause so much pain for our lives.

It is a contributor to us forgetting love, in the first place. Whether that is for your self or for someone else. Nothing you learn through experience is something you have not already known, at some point, in your life. We forget what it like to enjoy life. We forgot what it is like to show compassion for life and we forget what it is to love life.

Regardless, of where I was then, this is where I am now. I have struggled to keep with the purpose of this blog because my intention was different when I started. I didn’t know that I would still have the same purpose, but the path would change as frequently the knowledge you gain does.

Nothing is wrong or right, but you do have free will and what that means to me is that if I chose this way and I failed miserably then I would gain knowledge so that next time I would make the opposite choice. Making that choice allows the growth. A growth that is imperative for your soul.

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