Not Needing All the Bells and Whistles

Meditation Day #6

After not being able to finish this meditation, yesterday, I needed to look into the why’s, at a time it was someone else’s timeline. I needed to look into the why’s as to the energy I was receiving. I realized that my own negative quality of overthinking was still making an appearance.I have been too focused on the focus, when then did not allow the realization necessary to block out all the unnecessary energies smothering my sub-conscious.

When I redirected my focus, the crawling sensation dissipating into non-existence. The “bee,” disappearing, as if it was to control the overthinking of my own conscious’s interference. It is so easy to get caught up in the familiar. I did not need to control this. I do not want the distractions and restrictions.

I am writing with a clean mind, allowing for my subconscious to no longer be a landfill of negativity preventing truth. In other words, I ejected the scratched CD and replaced it with my own vibrational mp3 bringing a sense of accomplishment.

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