Otherwise Known As Duality

karma or justice?
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Otherwise, known as duality. I am referring to equality, in this instance. However, it can be known as karma, justice, light and dark, yin and yang, etc.

An intense perspective and now can reflect with a softness. I have a lot of love for this person I was back then. I only have love and acceptance, for this moment. It happened. I am unable to take it back.

My emotions and feelings about this event can change. It is called healing, by offering your own self forgiveness. I lived from a place of darkness for way too long. There was always something lingering around. It was the light.

Otherwise, known as duality. I was able to define equality for my soul while righting my karma. I found a balance or peace for my mind. It is acceptance. It is peace.

Equality, otherwise, known as duality

There is an explanation
But I can’t tell you that
I can’t tell you because
I would be speaking to

When reality is more
imaginative than the
subconscious because
the conscious can’t

is it letting go?
Or protection?
is it right or wrong?
Is it open space
or a wall incorrectly

It’s a heart beat stopping half way
And a stale air
Unable to escape
an eclipse of the soul
Nothing you would ever want

Sometimes the undertow becomes more powerful
than love itself
And you need the
Crashing tides to become more

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