She Is Beautiful


showing that nature is beautiful
It’s just me

She is beautiful. It is a funny thing to discover your own inner beauty. To see yourself for what you really are. It is not easy, but then again is it really meant to be? These are just words from my heart. I have the ability to put my emotion into words every day. I do that through writing, in all different forms.

However, I am starting to be able to convey the same messages through my voice. A trait, I have to work on to discover within myself.

I do not particular care for the attention. I realize that I am meant to influence and I am practicing this through social media and pop culture influence. It is different for me though. I am fighting the fear and pushing through each day.

I do this for me because she is beautiful. These messages are for anyone. Anyone, that will listen. That will find benefit and value, in my words for their own life. I continue to spread my perspective on life. Reminding you to love and spread kindness. I can only hope to instill a hope within you that you have never seen before, but I do.

This is why I do this. This makes it all worth it. So someone too can find the value within themselves. Just to remind someone.

She Is Beautiful

She is beautiful
The rhythm of nature
drips to the beat of my heart

The rain has stopped
and a rooster crows

Signaling the light
to once again shine

The air a cool breeze
multiple chimes heard in the distance

Through the flow
She is beautiful

the nature I speak of
a gift from mother earth

Signaling the change
in the tide, in the energy
She is alive

She is beautiful

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The Energy Is Alive and Well

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The energy is alive and well. Nothing is in our control, except our choices. The choices are your free will. The elements, that you consist of, are ” Keeping You Alive.”

The energy is alive and well

Your adventure, is your choices. The journey, the path, in self-discovery, call it what you wish.

Because nothing can be controlled, it is time to “coast,” in my element. For that is where the answers you seek are located. I embrace the weird that I am because to me this is easy to see. I practice this. For me, it is necessary.

Love the answers, good or bad. I preach balance because you have to have both. One does not exist without the other. You have to have the opposites. They are the reflections your refuse to see and the image you can’t ignore. It is staring right back you, in the mirror.

The image that makes of 70% of you, the water. The energy is alive and well.

My messages are sometimes your messages too. We are all in this together, noone less fortunate than another. How are you perceiving your image?

The energy is alive and well

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Like Diamonds In The Sky

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Like diamonds in the sky. I do not know where to even begin, or there is much to say. My posts, across my many different social media platforms have pretty much been speaking for themselves. This is where I am at.

I am in a place, where I am no longer ashamed of who I am. The woman I always have been. I am proud of her and I see her.

I may not do things, conventionally, but never have I. It is not like me to ever stay, in a box. That also means, I can change and place myself in a box, if necessary. However, the box can be clear.

Nothing, is ever solid. There is never a time where light can not be seen. It can never be too dark. Even the compounds, themselves, are in fact, not solid. The reason, because they would not be subject to the alchemy that becomes the solid, if they were. The alchemy being the light, itself.

Like diamonds in the sky

I will continue to see things, differently. That is the beauty of free will. Seeing things differently, makes me unique. You want to be unique and stand out. Rare and obscure the goal. You are a diamond. A jewel, from the earth. We all are. All compounds, of alchemy that make up the light and dark.

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It Is Just Medicine

The BeeKeeper

It is just medicine. The theme, to this day. It is just irrelevant. You use it to heal. That can be in the form of energy, herbal remedies, a night out or just spending time with your friends.

Medicine, is just the test of how much self worth you have. How much love do you have for yourself? Can that even be measured?

Medicine comes in doses. It is about finding the right dosage, for your own life. Not every change to life brings the right dosage. You have to experiment and test each change, in life. Otherwise, how do you know if it right for you?

It is just medicine

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Preaching What I Practice

Grateful for the experience

Preaching what I practice, is exactly the choice I make for myself, each and every day. Yeah, I know it’s practicing what you preach, but that method was not working for me. I mean there is the whole honesty and integrity thing, aspect to me. I have created a world for myself that reminded me to once again live again.

I always knew, one of my biggest challenges, of this journey would be confident enough to expose myself to you. To such a task that didn’t have a hidden agenda. It is not to bring me recognition or credit for being myself.

Me being me, is the easiest part. It is an autonomic function, for my soul. I am humble. I despise the attention, but at the same time, it is a necessary part to all of this. By practicing respect for myself, I am able to influence someone’s day. More so their mood, but who is saying what that means to them? The love and warmth it brings to my heart, is worth every last moment of all of this.

Who Tara is has not changed. Your perspective of me has. Not because I am attempting to mislead you, in any way. I am just practicing who I want to be every day. I am the same woman I have always been. However, just recently have I been able to let go of the fear associated with being me. Because I made the choice, you see somebody else.

You’re Somebody Else- Flora Cash

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The Perfect Song

The soundtrack to your soul

The perfect song to complete your soundtrack. I am back on a fall day, on a country road, riding my bike. I am speeding down the road and riding through the wind, with no hands. My smile beaming, as big as the universe.

I now see, it is the moment, I once again remembered what the definition of “freedom,” means to me. A perspective seen, through my eyes. I have remembered what peace is. I won!

What is your perfect song?

I did that. I powered through that. A journey, that allowed a re-discovery, of my own heart. I remembered truly how beautiful I really am.

That in itself, was worth, every single moment of this.

Not one bit of this has been easy, but everything has gotten easier with time. It takes a lot of balls. It takes a lot of strength that you do not even realize is within you. You have to choose you.

Choosing you is probably the hardest lesson you will go through. This means choosing you in every situation you have placed yourself in. This also means choosing you, in both the good and bad times.

That in itself is easier said than done. You have to become of aware. You have to take the moment to breathe before every decision. Even though, you need to make that decision within a blink of the eye.

You’ve got this though. You are worth it. Whether you see it or not, somebody does. One day someone will not be afraid to tell you this. They will also show you this. That person is YOU.

The perfect song to complete your soundtrack

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We Stop Looking Once We Find It

We Stop Looking Once We Find It. Look at me, having accountability :). 2 days, in a row, that is unheard of for me.

Today, on my morning coffee talk, I told my usual dad joke after saying, “I have nothing profound to say.” Ironically, the joke itself became what was actually my words of wisdom for the day.

The joke was as follows: “Why is it when we are looking for something that it is always in the last place we look? The answer is because we stop looking once we find it.”

So apply that to life is to realize when you stop searching the answer will come. To be at peace with whatever is meant to be for you will simply find you.

Evan I am writing these words, I received a phone call and was needing to look for something. It was in the last pile of paper I needed to touch, on the bottom. The answer was once again when I stopped looking. Okay spirit, I am listening. We stop looking once we find it.

That in itself being my words of wisdom for you, today.

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I Feel A Shift In My Own Energies

I feel a shift in my own energies. To be at peace, with a sense of trust that everything is exactly as it should be.

It is a soul growth that you are creating within yourself that brings the wave that is easy to hop on top of. It is really difficult to ignore the good that was once impossible to find for weeks.

If someone were to ask, at this current moment, I would say exactly how every new day has been going for me. I can not complain. Every day a new energy. That is not me saying that there isn’t room for more gratefulness and growth. You may learn something new every day, if you just try. Or if you become more than you were, yesterday. It just means, I accept and trust everything, as it is not as I expect it to be.

That is what it is all about, right? Living in the now. Accepting responsibility for your choices and deciding if you liked the last result or not and doing the opposite the next.

You always have free will with everything choice you make on your path. You must learn to understand, however, with your free will there is no wrong or right. It just is. How we react is what actually determines the result.

Growth, taking on a new meaning. There is not a high or low, it just is. We think peace means being calm when, in reality, at peace means to be in balance with yourself.

Every thing just being. It is up to you to determine what that means to you and your journey.

I feel a shift in my own energies

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Every Action Has A Reaction

A representation of the soul

I do not know how I have expected to have a successful blog if I do not write on it.

On your journey, you reach a point where you are done with any negative thoughts, negative people, etc. You have no room or space for what no longer aligns with your own frequency of life. When I decided to write this blog, my full intention was to write whatever was on my mind. It was to expose my internal thoughts and feelings, at every moment. I really thought I was going to be able to self-sustain this type of writing. However we evolve, but just as each of us grow each day, so does our mental health and we grow through our journey.

It no longer matters how I got to this point, as I thought was imperative. If I was to focus on the action instead of the reaction, then it would have me sit in the negativity. I am no longer this person. My soul has evolved with my growth. I am at no longer the person I once was. I do notice with certain people I still go back to that person to act accordingly, but the effect that it has on me internally has changed. My reaction has changed to the action.

Every Action Has A Reaction

This does not mean I do not sit, in the past. There are points, you have to do the work and sit, in the dark, in order to truly heal yourself. The many coping mechanisms to ignore the problems that are no longer of value. I do not need to just survive, I need to grow. We grow every day because every day is just temporary, in a stage of life. It is our own responsibility how we deal with the temporary daily life. This is the reason it is so imperative to live in the now to attract what you truly want for all of the times in life.

This is not me saying you are not allowed to feel the emotion. It is changing your mentality about the emotion. It is not feeling sad and just being sad. The question to yourself becomes why are you sad and not that you are sad. If you are feeling a certain type of way, in the moment, I challenge you to ask yourself why you are feeling this way.

We have experiences and individuals that shape our reaction to life each day. However, those experiences and individuals are not the one responsible for the reactions. They are only the actions. Every action needs a reaction and it is our own responsibility that is the reaction, itself.

These experiences or individuals are not you. They are not your thoughts. Self worth is your own reaction. It is time to accept responsibility for yourself. It is time for me to react to what is presented. I know the truth, my own truth. However, I have been allowing the temporary to control my permanent. Today, I am taking responsibility and reacting in the way that works for who I am now and not who I once was. My soul has evolved and it is time to act like it.

It is time to introduce the new me to the world.

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Darkest Before the Dawn

It’s always the darkest before the dawn.

It’s Always the Darkest Before the Dawn

It’s always the darkest before the dawn. How fitting. For a little over a year now, I have been sitting, in a period of my darkest struggles.

I began this journey with an instinctual feeling of needing major change, to my life. Knowing, I had spent a lifetime, figuratively speaking, knowing I had not yet lived. An, opinion only of my own.

I lived a pessimistic mindset, in my past. A mindset that controlled my decisions. I had felt I had deserved all the traumas, I have experienced and don’t talk about. A balancing of karmas, so to speak. Little did I know how true that sentence, actually was. How much power it carried.

In the past, it was me sarcastically explaining the negative experiences, I had endured. Laughing them off, and not healing them. A behavior I use, as a coping mechanism, for the awkward moments, in life. The moments when I feel most uncomfortable. When I am completely exposed. The moments of being vulnerable.

Going back to the past year and a half-ish, I mean, I have been stuck or stagnant. I was blocked. I had a tremendous amounts of experiences than I ever felt I could handle. It happened so quickly. You know, those vulnerable moments I was explaining? The majority “not so fucking great!” However, it is the perspective of my pessimistic ego.

The minority, is from my perspective, of NOW, in the present moment. From the present moment, I have the most abundance I have ever had, in my entire life. I have thrived beyond measures, mentally and emotionally. Because of one choice, one decision, and one blink of the eye.

I chose to trust, all that was presented. Those lessons, I referred to last post. A change to perspective. The major change I felt I needed for years. It really is that simple, but this is my journey. Yes, you have the same choice, but your journey and experiences will be different.

I would do it, over and over again, if it meant to once again feel internal peace. My soul remembered. To feel what I do, right now, I would do it over and over again. All of the lessons were the abundance I am receiving. I have gratitude, for the bee. I found the dawn after the dark because “it’s always the darkest before the dawn.”

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