Preaching What I Practice

Grateful for the experience
Grateful for the experience

Preaching what I practice, is exactly the choice I make for myself, each and every day. Yeah, I know it’s practicing what you preach, but that method was not working for me. I mean there is the whole honesty and integrity thing, aspect to me. I have created a world for myself that reminded me to once again live again.

I always knew, one of my biggest challenges, of this journey would be confident enough to expose myself to you. To such a task that didn’t have a hidden agenda. It is not to bring me recognition or credit for being myself.

Me being me, is the easiest part. It is an autonomic function, for my soul. I am humble. I despise the attention, but at the same time, it is a necessary part to all of this. By practicing respect for myself, I am able to influence someone’s day. More so their mood, but who is saying what that means to them? The love and warmth it brings to my heart, is worth every last moment of all of this.

Who Tara is has not changed. Your perspective of me has. Not because I am attempting to mislead you, in any way. I am just practicing who I want to be every day. I am the same woman I have always been. However, just recently have I been able to let go of the fear associated with being me. Because I made the choice, you see somebody else.

You’re Somebody Else- Flora Cash

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