Can You Explain Music With An Emotion?

If you could explain music with only one emotion, what would your emotion be?

As my journey has presented itself, this emotion has changed. It has depended on situations, experiences, etc. You know the every day mundane shit we all have to deal with on a daily basis. It is how we learn to control those situations and experiences by bringing validation to your emotions.

My emotion is LOVE. Above everything and all, it is love. Everything is love. The goal is to have unconditional love for all. This includes yourself, we often forget this.

I am a firm believer that you do not need self love, in order to have love for another. If that was the case, then you would not attract love when you are not even looking for it. You often find the one aspect to life that you would do anything for when you stop looking. That is the point.

You will always put your energy into a place, in the universe. You do have to choose what energy you are willing to give off to set the intention. Be mindful, whether you are putting a negative and positive energy out there.

Plain and simple, you vibrate high, you are going to attract high. Usually, that would be the love you spend so much time trying to obtain. The lesson is always, it what it is. It does not mean you have to like it, unfortunately. It is the negative lessons, that teach us the most in life. Sometimes, you just have to stop playing the victim to it all and see it for what it is. You will not grow, if you do not make this choice for yourself.

So I ask again, if you could choose one emotion that music associates you with, what would it be?

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