Requiem For A Dream

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Pop Culture is only created within the society that creates it. Listen and feel.

I looked through the glass and there facing me was sliver of moon assuring me everything is happening as it should. The realization that a muse does not always stay the same. The energy of your waves brought a comforting balance. It too was exactly how it should be.

Mediation was blocked due to restlessness. An imbalance unclear before the sight of the moon and your words of wisdom providing ease. Riding the wave is not always a metaphor for “it is what it is,” type of attitude. Sometimes it is allowing the water to surround you holding your every cell creating an opening in your heart space. It is about letting the waterfall drown you, in the oxygen provided, the air for your skin to breath.

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I stare at the sloppiness of my writing, knowing I am not the one providing this wisdom to your eyes. However, I will be the one to write it. I will be the one feeling it and you will be the one hearing it.

Appreciating the beauty of truth this evening.

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