You Have To See the Light From the Dark

I see the light from the dark, every day. I would never believe I’d be telling you about how comfortable I am with being 40. An age that has plagued me since childhood, for decades. The ultimate end point. The make it or break it moment, in your life. The true “grown up” age.

Oh I grew up, alright! I grew up to remember who the fuck I am. That whole self-love aspect, we are so easily able to forget. We spend our lifetime, begging to remember. We hope to not care at a level where our hearts no longer hurt and the tears no longer fall from our eyes.

The healing point where you no longer give a fuck because you have to see the light from the dark.

You step into your power. The memory of the queen and the goddess, you’ve always have been. Who you truly are is now the reflection you see staring back at you, each and every day.

I am repeating the same message, over and over, because just like an affirmation, it has to be repeated to be felt. It is the practice and the work you put into how badly you want to see life and exactly that.

The abundance of life is seeing what you have now and the beauty that each of our souls exude. It depends on how badly you want to fight! You have to practice. The work is endless and a struggle each and every day. Practice when you can, so that the difficult is now apparent.

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You heal by bringing the shadow to light.

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