Standing Still With No Air Flow

Standing Still With No Air Flow. If you do not move, you will remain stagnant.

One does not just simply listen to The Weeknd. I mean yes you will listen if it randomly pops up on random.

You listen to The Weeknd when you’re angry, frustrated, there is just a particular emotion evoking you to listen to the power of his lyrics.

Invite you to try something new even if it isn’t your cup of tea. He may bring forth something you’re feeling or may not understand and give you answer maybe even just a voice.

Standing Still With No Air Flow

What a different place I was in, at this time. I needed to relate to an emotion and I found it in this album. However, this is no longer the case. Just like you sit in your negative emotions, you also will sit in a lower vibration until you figure it out. I have figured it out.

I still listen to this album. It is one of my favorites. It no longer carries the same emotion. It no longer carries the same vibration. I can use it for just damn good music instead of allowing me sit in a lower vibration.

It is funny how the journey forces your growth, in the littlest of ways. However, it is the little things that show us the most growth. They remind of the the light to grab hold to even, at the darkest of days.

Standing Still With No Air Flow. If you vibrate, in the dark you will only see the dark. There comes a time that for yourself you will have to look up and it is there you will see that last little bit of hope you need to pick yourself up, once again.

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