Switching It Up

Switching it up. You are going to start experiencing it as I do instead of reading about it. Meaning, originally when all I did was post this video it was meant for you to watch because it was meant to be seen by myself. It was a part of my journey.

I could watch the video, as I originally have, but that defeats the purpose. I see the proof daily. This a my mind, at the time, but what do you see? Can it help you? What is your message? My purpose has been to plant my seed and hopefully be helpful to someone else in need of the information. A video from Tolle explains, what at the time my own mind is unable to comprehend for anyone else, but myself.

As I am updating this post, only for the sole purpose of SEO to be recognized on Google I can only imagine the message, in this video is the message I am typing over a year later. My experiences again aligning until a lesson learned. It is just presenting itself, at a different time.

It is time to switch it up.

Switching it up, is advice that has been plaguing me and now obvious. I have seen my growth from this moment. This period of time a test for my soul. Am I really done with the bullshit? Am I done with the constant being taken advantage off? I am sure done with people not treating me with value even in a place of friendship. I can’t even look at a potential relationship because I am having difficulty for people even want to be a friend. It is a weird stage and I am working through so that I have an understanding.

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