Recently, I have been shown why people struggle with being alone. Present situation, aside. This has nothing to do with quarantine, but more witnessing the suffering from those close to me, acquaintances, strangers, and those around the world. Just like reed, read, read and red, the word lonely with no altered spelling takes on andContinue reading “Alone”

Say Something

I have an insecurity that haunts me. That is having direct conversation with people and having to speak. The space can change, but the result stays the same. Face time, direct conversation, on the phone, web conferencing all different settings, my insecurity remaining. When it comes to my distaste for talking, on the phone, forContinue reading “Say Something”


What does one really mean by the phrase, “letting go?” Is it choosing to no longer care about something? Is it no longer bringing attention to it? Is it choosing to forget? Is it choosing to disappear from? Is it just releasing something? If you start thinking about it then it no longer becomes recognizableContinue reading “Imagination”

I Don’t Know

I am in an interesting point internally Any questions asked greeted by the shrugging of the shoulders How are you? *shrugs* Are you hungry? *shrugs* I am neither good nor bad I just am A heartbeat going stagnant I am not questioning nor do I have answers My feelings and emotions have flatlined *shrugs* IContinue reading “I Don’t Know”