5.11.20 Journey to Enlightenment Day #1 Module 1: I am not saying I know myself, at all. I am asking for assistance, HELP, guidance, in the process, whatever and however that may be. Thank you, for showing me the light, on this journey. Exercise #1 5.19.2020 5= Bliss 1= Awful Life Aspect Worksheet-Relationships LoveContinue reading “Research”

Life Lessons

“I think I’m the true lover/friend unconditional love teacher for everyone. The belief, in a fairy-tale love, and I show to people their worth. That “Prince Charming,” whomever, that may be to them, is a possibility, and not that of the “fairy-tale,” itself.” Now, it is early morning, the following day and I am outsideContinue reading “Life Lessons”