She Is Beautiful


showing that nature is beautiful
It’s just me

She is beautiful. It is a funny thing to discover your own inner beauty. To see yourself for what you really are. It is not easy, but then again is it really meant to be? These are just words from my heart. I have the ability to put my emotion into words every day. I do that through writing, in all different forms.

However, I am starting to be able to convey the same messages through my voice. A trait, I have to work on to discover within myself.

I do not particular care for the attention. I realize that I am meant to influence and I am practicing this through social media and pop culture influence. It is different for me though. I am fighting the fear and pushing through each day.

I do this for me because she is beautiful. These messages are for anyone. Anyone, that will listen. That will find benefit and value, in my words for their own life. I continue to spread my perspective on life. Reminding you to love and spread kindness. I can only hope to instill a hope within you that you have never seen before, but I do.

This is why I do this. This makes it all worth it. So someone too can find the value within themselves. Just to remind someone.

She Is Beautiful

She is beautiful
The rhythm of nature
drips to the beat of my heart

The rain has stopped
and a rooster crows

Signaling the light
to once again shine

The air a cool breeze
multiple chimes heard in the distance

Through the flow
She is beautiful

the nature I speak of
a gift from mother earth

Signaling the change
in the tide, in the energy
She is alive

She is beautiful

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We Stop Looking Once We Find It

We Stop Looking Once We Find It. Look at me, having accountability :). 2 days, in a row, that is unheard of for me.

Today, on my morning coffee talk, I told my usual dad joke after saying, “I have nothing profound to say.” Ironically, the joke itself became what was actually my words of wisdom for the day.

The joke was as follows: “Why is it when we are looking for something that it is always in the last place we look? The answer is because we stop looking once we find it.”

So apply that to life is to realize when you stop searching the answer will come. To be at peace with whatever is meant to be for you will simply find you.

Evan I am writing these words, I received a phone call and was needing to look for something. It was in the last pile of paper I needed to touch, on the bottom. The answer was once again when I stopped looking. Okay spirit, I am listening. We stop looking once we find it.

That in itself being my words of wisdom for you, today.

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