Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands


  • A man carries ten wands awkwardly into the night; his back is under strain from the weight he carries. He looks weary but his head is lifted, showing he has not given up and continues with determination. The Tens, the full expression of the suit.
  • You may feel weary and overwhelmed with responsibility, or feel overburdened and under pressure and strain
  • There are easier ways to handle the load
  • Take a step back and look beyond it, but determination will be required. It takes work. 
  • This could also be a warning- A wonderful idea or project may now feel as if it has become a burden
  • Could represent overworked- a reminder that a balance in life is required
  • Be cautious with taking on more than you can deal with. Will cause regrets if you do not control.

Personal Experience: The grass is greenest where you decide to put your energy to

Other Experience: People are paying attention to you persevere, from afar

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