The Energy Is Alive and Well

The spiral. The secret
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The energy is alive and well. Nothing is in our control, except our choices. The choices are your free will. The elements, that you consist of, are ” Keeping You Alive.”

The energy is alive and well

Your adventure, is your choices. The journey, the path, in self-discovery, call it what you wish.

Because nothing can be controlled, it is time to “coast,” in my element. For that is where the answers you seek are located. I embrace the weird that I am because to me this is easy to see. I practice this. For me, it is necessary.

Love the answers, good or bad. I preach balance because you have to have both. One does not exist without the other. You have to have the opposites. They are the reflections your refuse to see and the image you can’t ignore. It is staring right back you, in the mirror.

The image that makes of 70% of you, the water. The energy is alive and well.

My messages are sometimes your messages too. We are all in this together, noone less fortunate than another. How are you perceiving your image?

The energy is alive and well

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