The Infinite Being Within Yourself


The Infinite Being Within Yourself, otherwise known as your soul.


Your soul is the gateway to your heart
Your mind the gatekeeper
A free spirit but controlled by experience

The soul lives within the shell of infinite madness
When we fall in love, do we nurture the soul?
When we hurt have you lost part of what only you know?

Do they work together to control the energy?
Your soul looks for its mate

Your heart says it’s love
Your mind tells the ego, no
If you stop looking the heart prevails
If you overthink, you’ve talked yourself out of an answer

Does your heart feel?
Does your mind think?
Is it your soul in control?

The soul is the driver of your life
and the physical being you call home
We do not leave this body when our last breath is taken

but when the soul has changed it’s path
The soul learned from your mind
The soul learned from the heart

but yet it never connected

I watch from above
I watch from afar

I have only just begun to breathe
Because my soul needs noone

It’s purpose is shown…

It is amazing to see what I knew then when I did not think I knew anything, at the time. I had Covid. My divorce was not yet final. I was still trying to navigate the waters of living with my ex. Somehow, my mind still knew. More so, my soul knew.

The Infinite Being Within Yourself

It is not always about seeing your growth, during an experience. There are times that you are not meant to see your strength or faith, every day. We need to be able to see all perspectives, otherwise, there is no way to grow.

It is all a cycle. It is all a pattern. You will not see your growth if you do not change your perspective. If you only see one perspective, you will not see growth.

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