The Note…The Lesson…

The Note… The Lesson

Listening to the beat, counting
Breathing, can’t catch my breath
The strings, vibrating
Singing, finding a pitch
My heart rate acts with the crescendo, speeding
Bleeding, my thoughts through a filter
a song born, listening

The note and the lesson. I made a Facebook post about this poem, today. This was originally posted on March 22, 2020. 2 months into what I’ve now known to become this journey I have been on since. I was explaining how I rarely go back and read these posts. In my case, my journal entries. I really had no idea I had written so many poems during this crazy time. I thought I had only written maybe to that were anything.

Now reflecting back, they weren’t in the right timing, for me to learn that particular lesson quite yet. I had pieces of the puzzle to still need to be revealed. The answer to my own riddle.

I have had moments of frustration. I mean lesson after lesson about patience. (cough :D) Some pieces are just now appearing now, years later. I suppose that itself is what is journey, or our own dream is about.

However, my message today was still, “you are the star writing your dreams.” Exactly, what this entire journey has been a reflection of. I dreamed it so I started living it. It has not failed me up until this point. Now years later, I have no reason to not trust and just keep the faith.

The note…the lesson

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