The Perfect Song

The soundtrack to your soul
The soundtrack to your soul

The perfect song to complete your soundtrack. I am back on a fall day, on a country road, riding my bike. I am speeding down the road and riding through the wind, with no hands. My smile beaming, as big as the universe.

I now see, it is the moment, I once again remembered what the definition of “freedom,” means to me. A perspective seen, through my eyes. I have remembered what peace is. I won!

What is your perfect song?

I did that. I powered through that. A journey, that allowed a re-discovery, of my own heart. I remembered truly how beautiful I really am.

That in itself, was worth, every single moment of this.

Not one bit of this has been easy, but everything has gotten easier with time. It takes a lot of balls. It takes a lot of strength that you do not even realize is within you. You have to choose you.

Choosing you is probably the hardest lesson you will go through. This means choosing you in every situation you have placed yourself in. This also means choosing you, in both the good and bad times.

That in itself is easier said than done. You have to become of aware. You have to take the moment to breathe before every decision. Even though, you need to make that decision within a blink of the eye.

You’ve got this though. You are worth it. Whether you see it or not, somebody does. One day someone will not be afraid to tell you this. They will also show you this. That person is YOU.

The perfect song to complete your soundtrack

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