This Is Beauty As Seen By The Beholder

The cherry blossoms represent the beauty I see in life

My writing will not always be just a blog post about my current emotional distress, but I will always see the beauty I am trying to convey. Sometimes, my creativity is able to be extended through a poem when I am feeling confident enough. The Key word is obviously being confident. I have a strength inside of me, but it also can have a crippling effect. My thoughts and ideas do not always come out as uniform, making the jigsaw puzzle of my life like 52 card pick up.

Ironically, I took creative writing and wrote for the school newspaper in high school and it was still not good enough for my own expectations. Of course , it continuously caused an array of self-doubt. This is a good way to start to see my own beauty. I will use different methods of creative outlets, until I am able to recondition my mind to thinking I too, am beautiful. Facing our own fears can be debilitating enough. We do not need another reason to making our ego think it is control. Lastly, I choose to attempt to see the beauty in all and not based on human conditioning for my own self. Our own life decisions can be seen by having the ability to sit back and realize “This Is Beauty.”

This is Beauty By Tara Hines

It’s 4 Non-Blondes with no clouds
in the sky
Next to Unfair by Tech N9ne
with the refrigerator door left open.
I’m on a lyrical journey
and I realize
she’s just A SHADOW on the path.
And I realize
she’s just a shadow ON MY PATH with the
refrigerator door left wide open.
and the peace shows itself….
The lessons learned brought me to that BEAUTY
I found my MUSE for LIFE
there are no rules….

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