Undone For the World To See

shadow of the heart
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

You’re sitting here presenting your best self emotionally. You portray yourself to the world that you are good. I mean you are. You live your life, in this seclusion. you don’t present yourself out of fear of rejection from every individual you encounter. It makes your insecurities amplified when they need to be muted. That’s where the fear sits. It does not exist in the locations assumed by your experiences, but shaped by my own.

I have ample time to do it all. Yet, I sit here wondering why the commitment I can give to an emotion is found nowhere else. It leaves an emptiness of insecurity. The magnetic force pushing towards the negative, but the + says its positive. Still making a wall more important than what’s right out of a dream. Annoyance and frustration, at the same time. The Yin fighting the Yang. You still seek answers from another realm and fighting the present. It presents itself as lonliness.

I know nothing but the yearn. A sense of a loss of control, whenever, it was never yours to play. I need that energy to fight the fear of rejection. Now my words are silent. The words hiding the truths that brings internal peace. Are you listening?

I spend the hours in seclusion to get away from the energies that suck me dry. On the daily your energies weigh down my soul making a struggle ensue to find my own energy. Now that I have all the voices no longer taking control of my soul, it is non- existent in the isolation. What purpose that once served my soul has gone into their own silence taking away the noise. It leaves a sense of goodbye in its wake. Reach out to me.

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