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Weirdo!? I am trusting and believing more and more every day. Whether it is in the collective universe, in manifestation, spirit, in myself or in you. A puzzle piece fitting in the right place, at random. The right place at the right time. A thought meant to be and meant for all.

Here we are and it is just the beginning…


I originally wrote the first part of this blog post back in August 2020. I have to laugh at myself because I was worries about talking about my experiences, as weird. Now, I embrace the weirdness. Because it is fucking weird!


There is nothing normal about any of this journey. The entire purpose is for you to question every aspect of your existence. It does not disappoint. It is rough and nobody talks about the rough. I can compare it, as similar to having PTSD. It’s there, but noone wants to talk about it because it’s so damn hard. It’s exhausting and scary. It takes from you every thing you know.

But that is the purpose. If you were to see these moments, in comfort than you would stay in the warmth of your bed. However, then you would never grow. You would be stuck in the same pattern and then what is the point. Just give up? Just keep going, it gets easier. I can not reiterate this enough.


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