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What is the question?

What is the question? I speak of algorithm’s, frequently. In this case, for the important aspects that guide my daily life were heard, I had to have words. I have to continue to have run-on sentences to explain a point. It is Tolle’s words that are important. Not mine, in this case.

Tolle has been a guide for me, throughout my journey. Tolle’s voice is who I heard one night. I was in a half awake half sleeping stage, I feel like I visit frequently. My escape from a reality that is neither here nor there. However, it was I who thought I was dreaming that Albert Einstein was speaking to me for whatever reason. It was around 3am and at the time, it had been months, at this point I had been sleeping on the couch.

It was the beginning of the quarantine, so I had a similar setup that I do know with my tv screen connected to my laptop, etc. I was watching marijuana content creators before started getting banned, from posting content. A pattern seen now on all platforms controlled by the FCC. Regardless, I was on YouTube frequently. I had automatic videos selected.

I was meant to wake up to the message playing on the video. It was a video by Eckhart Tolle. The message was clear as day. This was the first time that I can remember without question, that my spirit team tried to blatantly contact me. They took drastic measures.

It worked! What I know to be the starting journey to my awakening. These are the moments that are questions. From there came tarot readings, then astrology, Lemuria, lightworkers and to where we are in the present. I am typing these words a year later because right now my best self is still awakening and I am still on this journey. I am evolving, as we should, every single day by living in the NOW.

By paying attention to the question, itself.

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