0 thoughts on “Why the Bee Keeper???

  1. I like this. It’s like a glimpse into your mind. Like you’re writing things as you think them. If I did that my blogs would probably be unreadable! But yours is not. It’s intriguing. Thank you

    1. I appreciate you! Perception is everything. What is intriguing is my writing is unreadable to me and my thoughts chaos and your perception is they are clear. I love this! Thank you for taking the time. Stay safe!

          1. I tried to look at your profile picture (I’m nosey like that!) and it said you had deleted the site! Obviously you haven’t so no worries as long as I can still read your posts that’s ok.

          2. I will look into for sure. I apologize. No need to feel like you’re being nosey. I will tell you depending on how I am accessing WordPress I do have issues with the app doing the same thing. I would also suggest possibly checking on a desktop or a tablet you can view the desktop version. I will look on my end, as well. I appreciate you!

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